1 CupMilk or Evaporated Milk
2 TablespoonsShortening, Lard, Margarine/Butter, or Oil
2 TablespoonsSugar
1 PackageActive Dry Yeast
~3 CupsFlour (White, not Organic!)
1 TeaspoonSalt
Oil (Vegetable, Canola)

  1. Heat milk until almost boiled (or use Evaporated Milk).
  2. Put shortening, sugar, milk in a bowl.
  3. Stir until smooth, then cool and add yeast.
  4. Put flour & salt in a bowl.
  5. Mix half of the flour/salt with the milk mix.
  6. Add egg to mix, then stir while adding rest of flour/salt.
  7. Cover, let double in size (1 hour).
  8. Roll to 1/4in on floured board.
  9. Cut approximately 2in squares.
  10. Cover again, let rise for another 30-45 min.
  11. Drop into hot oil (385 F) very briefly.
  12. Dust with powdered sugar.